Shutters Selection Guide

Here are some basic information that will help you in choosing the right shutters for your home.
We invite you contact us with questions or speak to your dealer who can offer helpful suggestions on-site.


Radiant Shutters offers two color choices: Regular White & Bright White.
Regular White has warm white tone & Bright white has a cool white tone.

Louver Size

Shutters with 2 ½ inch louvers are traditionally called California Shutters. Shutters with 3 ½ in louvers are called Plantation shutters. For smaller window openings we recommend 2 ½ inch shutters and 3 ½ inch shutters for large windows and patio doors. With plantation shutters, the visibility is increased as compared to California shutters.

2 1/2
3 1/2

Tilt Rod

Based on your preference, the tilt rod can be placed on the front or back of the shutters. Sometimes the window frame depth may be too small to place the tilt rod in the back. In this case the tilt rod will have to be placed in the front. Your Dealer can help you determine the best option.

Front Tilt Rod
Back Tilt Rod


Windows over 40” in height, divider rails are required. Divider rails separate the motion of the top and bottom set of louvers. Divider rails can be located at the half way point, at the location of a divider on the window, or a specific height which allows light to come in, while maintaining privacy. More than one divider can be used for certain windows.

Divider Rail


Frame options vary based on the Inside or Outside Mounting Options for your window. There are three Frame styles available. L Frame, Z Frame, and Casing Frame (C Frame)

L Frame
Z Frame
C Frame

Panel Configuration

The Number of panels required can be determined by the width and style of your window. Your dealer can help you determine how many panels you need. Here are some examples of different panel configurations.

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